NameFrans-Gustav Petersson-Haggquist
Birth1843-03-03, Algutsboda Norregård
Death1936-05-04, Minneapolis, Minnesota Age: 93
Emigration1870-11-21, to USA Age: 27
FlagsFrans-Gustav Branch
FatherPeter Samuel Nilsson (1811-1882)
MotherCatarina Petersdotter (1812-1891)
Misc. Notes
Farmer at Hägerås Norregård in Algutsboda. Emigrated in 1870 to Minnesota where he became a reverend. Was known as Frank Haggquist in the U.S.
Birth1844-10-06, Algutsboda
Death1877-12-08, St. Peter, Minnesota Age: 33
Emigration1874-04-11, to USA Age: 29
FlagsFrans-Gustav Branch
FatherNicolaus Jonasson (1812-1869)
MotherIngeborg Lisa Jonasdotter (1819-1868)
Misc. Notes
After her husband left for America in 1870, she stayed on at Hägerås Norregård until her own emigration. She left from Göteborg on 11 April, 1874, with a ticket for Red Wing, Minnesota, near Cannon Falls where Frans-Gustav was probably living. She is said to have had poor health after giving birth to twin daughters in 1875.
Marriage1866-05-19, Algutsboda
ChildrenElise Charlotte (1867-1867)
 Ida Mathilda (1868-1907)
 Amanda (1875-1875)
 Mary Elizabeth (1875-1962)
Birth1856-02-07, Bada Såg, Fryksände, Värmland
Death1909-03-12, Cannon Falls, Minnesota Age: 53
Emigration1873-07-25, to Minneapolis, MN Age: 17
FlagsFrans-Gustav Branch
MotherKerstin Olsdotter (1827-)
Misc. Notes
Emigrated 25 July 1873 from Göteborg to Minnesota under the name Fredrika Jansdotter. Was known as Fredrika Wahlstedt in the U.S.
Marriage1881-05-06, Minnesota
ChildrenVictor Emanuel (1882-1884)
 Anna Fredrika (1884-1936)
 Victor Emanuel (1886-1930)
 Joseph Teofilus (1888-1906)
 Herman Gideon (1890-1989)
 Paul Benjamin (1893-1976)
 Grant Franklin (1896-1978)
 Frances Katherine (1898-1998)
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